It was a few days to Mothers Day and we were yet to get an idea that felt right. Time was running out and we were at that dangerous decision point to “just do something” or do nothing at all. 

But another run through idea pile wouldn’t hurt, so we decided to have a probing discussion about the ideas we have and see if there are angles we missed or an entirely different idea could be got. 

Tens of shredded ideas and probing questions later, an idea bulb came on and the idea to create befitting resumes for mothers was born.


When the idea was held up after our brutal scrutiny, we started with the execution process. The resumes are to be simple and straight to the point. Content are to be provided by the audience. 

Okay, what name shall we give it?

Best Resumes? No

Resume for the Toughest Job In The World? Say what now? No please.

Golden Resume? Neup

We went through names like a sickle in a rice field, cutting down until we got what felt fully right; The Platinum Resume.

The Film

Thursday morning came with film making gadgets. We were going for the full haul, no half-assed measures.

One of our designers, Oyindamola, led the direction and production of the short film and it went great. Or so we thought.

Turned out the sound was total shit. It was 2pm and were in various stages of  wtf. Oyindamola had developed a cold. We learnt she had been sick but keeping it under wraps.

“So what do we do now? Call it a day?” one of us asked.

“Hell no, we going for another run” she said. And we did just that.

Tying Loose Ends

While the film was being edited, our project manager was confirming and clarifying all needed to be. BTDT hub confirmed they were on board to collaborate on pushing #ThePlatinumResume on Twitter. Our copywriters and content execs were drawing up templates for the resume. 

At some minutes past 7pm on Friday, everything was in place. 


Few minutes past 8pm, we shared the film on the three major social media platforms. On Twitter, we pinned the thread containing the film using #ThePlatinumResume and began adding tweets.

People started retweeting our thread and the number of views started picking up nicely. We got a few requests from some people asking us to create resumes for their mothers. Before we left the office some minutes to 9pm, the hashtag was flying in hundreds.

We went home feeling rather great about the whole thing.

On Saturday we woke to a nice lineup of request in our DMs. Wasting no time, we had the resumes done and sent out. People loved them.

By Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, the film has racked tens of thousands of views. Requests were pouring in. Some thought the resumes were paid and kept asking how much it would cost to have us create theirs. Their surprise at our response that it was all free was a joy.

To Round This Off…

We had a lot of fun and some lessons executing #ThePlatinumResume project. Here are some of our favourite resumes and tweets;

Let’s not forget this account that came to sell their market on our Twitter thread;

Here’s the link to the film;

There is no total number of reach and impressions yet because the posts are still doing numbers across all platforms. Requests were still coming in as at this morning. But average impressions is north of hundreds of thousands with robust engagement.

This project is an affirmation to our vibe at Onewildcard to always dig for ideas that matter. It’s not enough to think outside the box. One must have the ability to recognize which idea is worth working on because what lies outside the box is an endless sea of ideas most of which don’t matter. 

Here’s to ideas that make the desired differences.