To celebrate being 5 and bursting with zeal, grit, ideas, plus the right kind of lava, we launched The V Collection; our limited fashion brainchild featuring simple yet classic pieces that resonate with us.

Believe us, we had many ideas on how to celebrate our fifth anniversary but we wanted something unique to us, something we could identify with, something we could call our own and thus, The V Collection was born. Beyond fashion, or dropping hot stuff, it gives the world a peek into how we think, how we see the world around us, and how we choose to celebrate ourselves.

Unlike most fashion shoots, we had only unprofessional models on set. By unprofessional models, we mean we modelled the &#%V!@? out of the collection ourselves.  We, the Onewildcrew convinced ourselves that we’re the sauce, the best to ever do it, and it worked! Results? Peng looks, cold shots, and hot vibes in our look book alone. It’s not easy.

This shoot made a good number of us call out that alter-egos we never knew existed like Nicholas; designer by day and NK, the rapper, by night. Perhaps he’ll follow where his alter-ego leads, who knows.

Weeks to launch, we teased our collection on our digital platforms to our audience (who tbh, have become more of our cult) far and near, and on 5th September, 2022, went live on the website. Each item in this collection was created in limited quantities of 50 each from V Lit Tee to V Trill Hat, to V Sling Bag, to V Zoid Bag, to Wristlet V, and to Tote V.

On the eve of the collection’s launch, we dispatched direct mails to our biggest fans from clients to fellow creatives, and gifted them discount codes that allow them shop this merch at a neat discount. And guess what, they loved it! Everyone we mailed shopped at least three pieces from our collection, let’s not forget the warm shoutouts they flooded us with, felt nice.

Every order placed on the site is wrapped and packed with hotness by the Onewildcrew and remains hot even after it gets to our shoppers. What could be better?

With the turn-outs so far, we’re low-key pumped for what our next milestone will be like ; )