You know those days when you give yourself excuses not to rise up from the bed? When you ask yourself,  “what’s the worst that will happen? Okay, I get fired, but I have savings…” Today is one of such days.

I got to the office bleary-eyed and in a foul mood. Is it just me or the time when you feel like hitting people is when people around you are overly cheerful? Like my colleagues, one was laughing so cheerfully I had to grit my teeth to have some control.

As I stepped in, I saw Yinka and Moriam bouncing about in tandem to Fela’s ‘I no be Gentleman’.

“Am I missing something or you people just want to be annoying this morning?”

“Who is playing Fela?”

“I’m the one oh ” answered Moriam,  “or should I turn it off? “

“Of course not”

I rolled my eyes and slagged on my chair.

Boss had gone for a meeting.

“…E be say you be colonial man

You don be slave from before

Dem don release you now but you never release yourself…” sang Moriam.

“Oya talk true, he talk sense abi he no talk sense?”

I had no choice but to laugh and immediately my bad mood lifted and the sun shone through.

“He talk sense! “

“Ehehn! Even today, his words are still effective. Take this Colonial Mentality for instance… I swear, I just love his songs”

Yinka jumped in “one the best songs of his, in my opinion is Overtake Don Overtake…”

“I love that one too” cut in Moriam “that man is a religion. You’re either in or out. And he gave some hard knocks. Imagine if he’s alive today”

“It’ll be bloody!”

“You two, you know we get work ba?” I dropped that deliberately.

Yinka turned to me with a frown “we dey hold your hand? We’re working. Abi you don’t know today’s Baba’s day? He died today”

“Oh really? I didn’t… “

Suddenly Yinka clapped and we jumped. With his eyes twinkling in excitement, he moved closer and placed his hands on my desk.

“Hey! I’ve got an idea! How about we make it like he reviews issues…”

“How?” Said I and Moriam at the same time.

“Okay” he pulled a chair, “we make it like memes yeah. You know his pictures, he has many expressions that we can adapt to issues. Like, this issue of Etisalat name change, we can put a short note about it then his picture laughing… “

“Oh! Nice!”

I put on a straight face “still don’t get it”

Annoyed, he turned to Moriam

“You, you get it abi?”

“Yes I do, we can work with it” That Moriam girl, she doesn’t know anything about sticking up for your sex at all.

Surprisingly, we ran it by our boss and he loved it. Our #onewildthought.

This kills me but I do think it’s a great idea.

Below are samples of our #onewildthought. Let’s know what you think.