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The V Collection

To celebrate being 5 and bursting with zeal, grit, ideas, plus the right kind of lava, we launched The V Collection; our limited fashion brainchild featuring simple yet classic pieces that resonate with us.

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Messi Beaucoup

If you understand at least 20 percent of French, you will see that this article title doesn’t make much grammatical sense, but damn it, we are Ad men, we are paid for being witty with words.😉  The football world (or the sporting world at large), was in a rude shock,when it was announced that the G.O.A.T (debatable by C.R.7 fans though) Lionel Andre Cucciniti Messi will be leaving Barcelona. This was not the usual yearly back and forth with the Board on contract extension; it was for good this time. To add salt to the existing injury, this was the year Messi wanted to stay. Fate!

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Balotelli’s Goal Celebration: Class Is In Session

The more unplanned it seems, the better planning and execution done. Take the case of Michael Johnson’s gold running shoes by Nike in 1992. The attention the shoes got was worth millions in advert cost and all it took was a a man confident in his preparedness to win the race, a brand taking a gamble on that confidence and a product that drew attention to the brand. 

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In Time, Drones Have Come to Stay.

While we have been carried away by sci-fi, especially films, drones have been creeping up on us. They are no longer the future, they are now. To put that comment in perspective, last year at the GTBank Fashion Weekend , I saw drones flying all about the venue, creeping up behind people like little monsters.

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15th December 2017Comments are off for this post.

#onewildseries; One Wild Jump

Red Bull is one energy drink that is known across the whole world.  As a child, I remember listening with awe as an older boy talked about how muscles will pop out of our arms immediately we drink the contents of the can. The only thing that kept me from daring to go ahead was my mother’s painful thorough whipping

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We are unfair*

We are the warriors you want on your side, the ones who go on fighting when others fall back. Not because we have extra life in stock, but because we know we will win. Give us a chance, give us the crumbs of what’s left of it if it has been taken, and if there are no crumbs, no chances, we’ll create them. We take what we want when we want it, not by crook but by our dogged effort. Apologies aren’t given.

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