When the Google products “Adsense and Analytics” were introduced to the market, everyone, excluding those who didn’t give a flying damn about the internet and digital marketing, were excited.

 I remember listening with hungry eyes as my brother explained how to make money with Adsense, my mental calculator calculating my imaginary blog’s earnings and running numbers into millions. But this isn’t about my ex-very naive-self. It’s about Susan Wojcicki, the brain behind a number of Google’s revolutionary products and acquisitions. 

She may seem like a stay-at-home mother who works from a house office but that’s like looking at a patch of the ocean from the end of a narrow tube and calling it a puddle. This woman is the one that spearheaded the acquisition of Youtube and Double Click, two of Google’s largest acquisitions. Soon as she was made CEO of Youtube, she went on an innovation rampage, launching products like YouTube’s advertisement free subscription service, YouTube Red, OTT Internet Tv Service and others. Google Doodles, Images, Books? She worked on them all.

I once heard this quip “when someone is being a pest to your progress, trying to show he has arrived by blocking your progress, buy him, his bragging rights and make him grateful for it. Yes, this speaks to Susan.  I imagine she's the one you don't want to mess with, especially in a boardroom.

Interestingly, from what I have read about her, she prioritizes time with her family, making sure she’s almost always home for dinner. So as a woman, when someone tells you you can’t be successful in both career and home front, just give a dismissive smile and go ahead smashing those boundaries.

To wrap this up, here are few of her accomplishments:

Time’s Most Powerful Woman on the Internet

The Most Important Googler 

Forbes The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, 2017.

Adweek Top Executive,  2013

Time's 100 most influential people in 2015[

Vanity Fair's New Establishment list in 2015

Forbes list of America's Self-Made Women.

Like I said, you don’t want to mess with her in a boardroom.