Adulthood is a tough phase for everyone in their prime. In recent years, it, however, feels like an even more daunting task. An uphill struggle. The sentence; ‘adulting is a scam’ is quite popular, and the apparent thought in the minds of most young adults is how to get their sh*t together in the face of societal pressure, unstable mental wellness, a lousy economy, and traditional milestones.

Growing up is actually complicated in 2019.

An escape from this is simply the dramatic shift in our cultural and societal norms. Old standards are being replaced, new narratives are being crafted and the stories we tell are changing as well. As expected, the older generations are struggling to accommodate the changing tides.

Traditional markers of success in life — job, house, marriage — are delayed by today’s youth to focus on higher education, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, healthy living, sustainability and shared values.

For this reason, young adults are looking up to brands to up their games, meet them at their points of need and offer help. Brands need to find their tribe or market through function, needs, motivation, interest and appeal to these factors. TrendWatching referred to this as Assisted Development.

Bringing it home, the Opay app and GTBank are good references of brands offering assisted development. Opay is a one-stop mobile app that enables users to satisfy basic daily needs such as financial transactions, transportation, and food and grocery delivery. This saves a whole lot of time! GTBank Fashion Weekend and GTBank Food and Drink Festival are two well-orchestrated events by GTBank. These events promote enterprise by providing platforms for small businesses in two major industries — food and fashion — to showcase their products to a larger audience. In the end, both brand and consumer goals are achieved, and everybody smiles home.

So quit leaving money on the table. Solve the problem. Offer some assistance. Get on it, your young tribe is waiting.