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Independence to us at OneWildcard is shoving out that person(s) driving your life and grabbing that wheel. This is what we believe our nationalist heroes and heroines did. And this is the insight behind Inde-Bants.

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Perfvcktion: Something is always missing.

Some days back, I was invited to speak at the 2017 Orange Academy Annual Immersion (graduation) Ceremony. After meddling with the thought shelves in my head, I wasn’t satisfied with the topic ideas I had. I went about with thought clouds on my head, trying to pull out something that will be interesting, educative and fresh but all my efforts were like trying to weave my eyebrows; fruitless.

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DE-Signs of New Yorker

Balls: Devoid of all things soft and proper; Defiance-filled; immersed in the roaring flame of guts. Give-middle-finger-able attitude.

Humour: Wise-ass; ‘Disher’ of hard knocks enshrouded in grinning fists.

Sophistication: Savagery packed in the soft wool of class, fully understood only by the perspicacious; Unapologetic cosmopolitanism.

The New Yorker: The magazine that has consistently exhibited balls, sophistication and humour in its (cover) designs.

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The Fela Paper Review #OneWildThought

You know those days when you give yourself excuses not to rise up from the bed? When you ask yourself,  “what’s the worst that will happen? Okay, I get fired, but I have savings…” Today is one of such days.

I got to the office bleary-eyed and in a foul mood. Is it just me or the time when you feel like hitting people is when people around you are overly cheerful? Like my colleagues, one was laughing so cheerfully I had to grit my teeth to have some control.

As I stepped in with my sneakers, I saw Yinka and Moriam bouncing about in tandem to Fela’s ‘I no be Gentleman’.

“Am I missing something or you people just want to be annoying this morning?”

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Ibadan: Laid Back, But Savage

When you least expect, Ibadan will politely butcher your dignity then curtsy when done.

Let’s say this is your first time in Ibadan, and you, unfortunately, don’t know how to speak Yoruba. Let’s say, you look like an uptown guy. You unconsciously have that aura of “those people who are wealthy” and you’re on a commercial, either a Danfo, Okada, Keke NAPEP or Micra.

The direction you’ve been given for instance is “when you get to Apata, take a bike going to Queens Cinema, then tell them you’re going to Gate”. Simple enough isn’t it? Oh, but you’re in for it.

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Mandela: #OneWildConviction

Black sheep are different. They are wild, they breeze through restrictions just because…it’s their nature. They stand strong for their beliefs and they keep going towards their goal regardless. You might break them in bones, but not in spirit. But are they always bad? Who says “black-sheeping” is bad anyway?

What does it take to be different? To have a voice that leads the cowardly whimpers of thousands? To stretch out one’s neck for a dare and own up to one’s actions?

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We are unfair*

We are the warriors you want on your side, the ones who go on fighting when others fall back. Not because we have extra life in stock, but because we know we will win. Give us a chance, give us the crumbs of what’s left of it if it has been taken, and if there are no crumbs, no chances, we’ll create them. We take what we want when we want it, not by crook but by our dogged effort. Apologies aren’t given.

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