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Art LockedDown: Children’s Day 2020

For this year’s Children’s Day, we decided to have children showcase their artistic talents. They submit their random sketches and we turn them into full-colour illustrations. The idea, which was had towards the end of the second week of the Lagos lockdown, was initially meant as a random post on our social media pages. It was one meant to keep children busy and give the parents some respite while they were asked to draw in order to join the fun.

But that was before someone mentioned “hey, this idea is perfect for Children’s Day!” but there was a concern. “Parents will be going back to the office and the lockdown would have been lifted by the time so would parents still find time to help their children participate?” 
The answer was a hypothetical “yes”. It was not a guarantee but the chance was good enough. We went ahead.

On May 22, we sent out the first post calling for submissions but it wasn’t gaining the traction we sought.

So we promoted the post on Instagram and it worked despite Instagram removing the caption for a reason we aren't privy to. Submissions started trickling in. We had excited parents in our DMs sending in multiple sketches by their children. The project was moving.
Also on May 22, a teaser featuring the illustrated submission by Sumayyah was shared along with the initial post.

It was the beacon that called in more submissions. Mariam O.A. and Oyinda, the two illsutrators on the project, started illustrating.

By 26th of May, there were still a number yet to be illustrated since we had to combine illustrating the projects with the other urgent client tasks we had. Things were looking rather dour because it seemed we would not be able to make the deadline.

We did, with some exceptions.

On 27th of May at 9am, we started sending out the finished illustrations to parents. By 10am, we began posting on our social media platforms and the comments started rolling in.

On Instagram and Facebook, we wrote stories about some of the illustrations as we published them.

It was crazy because the stories were a last-minute idea and we had to write as we published, the same way you write a caption for a random post. But it all came together beautifully thanks to practice.

The beautiful ending to this were the messages we received from the parents and the children who participated.

They were a testament to the fact that it was an effort fully appreciated.

13th February 2020No Comments

Context Void; Getting The Right Message To The Right Medium.

When a brief comes in and the problem that needs to be solved has been clarified and simplified, the next thing we do is get our heads out of our asses.
In developing effective solutions that hit the mark to creative briefs, we must understand what constitutes the context of the problem we want to solve and the people we want to sell that solution to. Then we go further to understand how to analyze the context in the way that the solution we create will fit perfectly if that’s the objective.

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Take A Peek Into 2020

In 2018 we started this tradition of taking a peep into the new year, a video showing all major events anticipated in the year and yes, we have published this 2020’s video too. Because we love to explore and experiment with different things, this year’s video saw a different animation technique; stop motion. We have made a pretty good round-up of the events to hold this year. So yes, we’re coming right out and asking you to watch it. Personally, I think it’ll reduce the stress-lines around your eyes to a good extent.

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15th January 2020No Comments

2020 In Social Media Town

The phrase; "New Year, New Me" isn't a human only thing. Apparently platforms on social media also exist by this mantra to an extent. In 2019, a number of policies that focused on making social media user-friendly and safe for all ages were initiated, in 2020, they're in full bloom. Let's start with Twitter.

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Leveraging on the scam called ‘Adulting’

Adulthood is a tough phase for everyone in their prime. In recent years, it, however, feels like an even more daunting task. An uphill struggle. The sentence; ‘adulting is a scam’ is quite popular, and the apparent thought in the minds of most young adults is how to get their sh*t together in the face of societal pressure, unstable mental wellness, a lousy economy, and traditional milestones.

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Developing Strategies That Work.

I wanted to start this article about Kayode Olowu, my boss. How his propensity to draw lines from one context to the most unexpected one, sketching analogies that gets me squinting at his head in bewilderment. But then the more sensible [read that as home-trained] part of me whispered that may be a bad idea for a number of reasons none of which is financial.

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The Platinum Resume

Thursday morning came with film making gadgets. We were going for the full haul, no half-assed measures. One of our designers, Oyindamola, led the production of the short film and it went great. Or so we thought. Turned out the sound was total shit. It was 2pm and were in various stages of  wtf. Oyindamola had developed a cold.

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Balotelli’s Goal Celebration: Class Is In Session

The more unplanned it seems, the better planning and execution done. Take the case of Michael Johnson’s gold running shoes by Nike in 1992. The attention the shoes got was worth millions in advert cost and all it took was a a man confident in his preparedness to win the race, a brand taking a gamble on that confidence and a product that drew attention to the brand. 

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2nd November 2018No Comments

The Molue school of thought

If you look, these short phrases are all over the transport systems in Lagos and even on some interstate buses. On the surface, it is instruction, admonishment and praise for God, others and oneself. However we see them or choose to disregard them, they are introspective.

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7th September 2018No Comments

Counting The Cost of Nike’s Bended Knee

Now, considering the amount of time and resources that Nike has invested into building a gilt-edged brand over the course of its existence and the high perch it commands on the roll call of admirable American brands, did it really count the cost of taking a knee? Or is this road less taken, an all too familiar route where they need no introduction?

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