Independence to us at OneWildcard is shoving out that person(s) driving your life and grabbing that wheel. This is what we believe our nationalist heroes and heroines did. And this is the insight behind Inde-Bants.


You know how brow-beaters do, getting all “I know all in your face? ” Well, these bad-ass reps of ours are having none of it.

No room for politeness, please. Trash that.

But as always, there’ll be a peacemaker. Only this one is not your regular kind.


The bait brings in the fish…

And out goes the unwanted.

You want to have a complete feel of this? Click HERE to see the video.

Grab your wheel from anything or anyone driving you to an unwanted destination. Be bad-ass, be independent.

Happy Independence Day to us (Nigerians) all.