Once again, with the recent poster exhibition at the London Transport Museum, we are reminded of the understated recognition of women creatives. You might be surprised to learn that they are actually many, these women, and quite a number of them have made bar smashing contributions in their niche.

At the said exhibition which was to celebrate the female designers who designed posters for the Transport for London from as far back as 1910, some women’s pictures could not be found. Reason? They’ve had their faces faded into the worn out fabric of history leaving just a pitiful whisper of their person and works.

This is not good and we have decided to do something about it. We’re starting the #OneWildWoman series; spotlighting creative women around the world who have shattered all levels of normal and ordinary in their fields. We hope this will in a way, bring to recognition these women and their works while inspiring those coming behind.

For today, we recognize the Poster Girls whose works were exhibited at the Museum. Sadly, most of their names have been lost. Among those whose works are on exhibition are:

Sandra Fisher

Gillian Ayres

Dora M Batty

Laura Knight

Edin Marx

Mabel Lucie Attwell

Mary Koop

Sheila Stratton

Dorrit Dekk

Carol Barker

Jennie Tuffs

Louisa St. Pierre

Ruth Hydes

Arnrid Johnston

We hope you’ll enjoy this series very much.