Since the recent ban lift on driving for Saudi women, a lot of brands majorly auto have been pushing a lot of ads at the women. Suddenly, in comes the realization that they are actually a large market ( and rich too, tsk tsk). Now Coca Cola has come to

the party with its women targeted ad sporting a ruggedly handsome dad, his stunning daughter and of course, a bottle of Coke.

Generally, the objective behind a relationship ad is to create a powerful story that will tug at your heartstrings, making you tear up, smile or do both. This is present in the ad but at an understated level, pushing more of sophistication and lazy elegance to the fore. The result is a quirky and relatable (a bit) ad that in the end still goes in line with the essence of Coca cola. The classic touches (glass bottle, vintage Benz) are right on the spot. The ad made me picture driving lessons in urban Nigeria where, rather than music and “Shukran Baban” what you get is “cut your hand! Cut it! Oya mash the break!…” and whole lot of sighs of frustration.

You can literally taste that feeling.

This is almost like their “Stand by Me” father daughter ad of 2016 but better.Talking about some of their better ads, remember “Brrr!”?; that ad was it back then. Even now, memories of it still brings a smile. A more recent one is the “Brotherly love”. Watching it, you will relate with the story being told (have you heard of an elder brother that didn’t terrorize his younger one while growing up? Me neither). What about their “Security Camera” commercial? Poignant, relatable, original.

Good ads are never boring. Like this ad, they get people talking at least. Have you watched the ad? What do you think?

If not, you can watch it here.