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Messi Beaucoup

If you understand at least 20 percent of French, you will see that this article title doesn’t make much grammatical sense, but damn it, we are Ad men, we are paid for being witty with words.😉  The football world (or the sporting world at large), was in a rude shock,when it was announced that the G.O.A.T (debatable by C.R.7 fans though) Lionel Andre Cucciniti Messi will be leaving Barcelona. This was not the usual yearly back and forth with the Board on contract extension; it was for good this time. To add salt to the existing injury, this was the year Messi wanted to stay. Fate!

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#OneWildSeries: One Wild Tea

No one knows till this day what type of tea it was and it seems nobody cares about this bit, the fact that tea became the portal through which he slid to the land of the non-living is enough. What led to that point? You probably know but for those who don’t, here’s a brief account:

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Art LockedDown: Children’s Day 2020

For this year’s Children’s Day, we decided to have children showcase their artistic talents; they submit their random sketches and we turn them into full-colour illustrations. The idea, which was had towards the end of the second week of the Lagos lockdown, was initially meant

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Trek ’97:The walk for a man who had death in his pouch.

Close to two million people trekked 28 kilometres in 7.2 hours from Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Island to Fela’s home at Gbemisola Street, Ikeja, that’s like driving at 4km/hr on a Lagos road.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Abami Eda, Omo Eleniyan, was the voice of the tired and trampled, a clenched fist and a voice raised in defiance. 

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A Shallow Thought on “This is America”.

Everyone is looking for the deepness in This is America and it’s like a gold hunt, down to the drag-in-the-mud parts. But maybe I’m not woke enough, maybe I got stuck at the shallow end of all the deepness that abounds now, because all the questions I’ve got about the video are way out of the range of the symbolism and deep meanings that seems to be the majority concern.

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