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The V Collection

To celebrate being 5 and bursting with zeal, grit, ideas, plus the right kind of lava, we launched The V Collection; our limited fashion brainchild featuring simple yet classic pieces that resonate with us.

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Context Void; Getting The Right Message To The Right Medium.

When a brief comes in and the problem that needs to be solved has been clarified and simplified, the next thing we do is get our heads out of our asses.
In developing effective solutions that hit the mark to creative briefs, we must understand what constitutes the context of the problem we want to solve and the people we want to sell that solution to. Then we go further to understand how to analyze the context in the way that the solution we create will fit perfectly if that’s the objective.

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The Platinum Resume

Thursday morning came with film making gadgets. We were going for the full haul, no half-assed measures. One of our designers, Oyindamola, led the production of the short film and it went great. Or so we thought. Turned out the sound was total shit. It was 2pm and were in various stages of  wtf. Oyindamola had developed a cold.

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2nd November 2018Comments are off for this post.

The Molue school of thought

If you look, these short phrases are all over the transport systems in Lagos and even on some interstate buses. On the surface, it is instruction, admonishment and praise for God, others and oneself. However we see them or choose to disregard them, they are introspective.

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Counting The Cost of Nike’s Bended Knee

Now, considering the amount of time and resources that Nike has invested into building a gilt-edged brand over the course of its existence and the high perch it commands on the roll call of admirable American brands, did it really count the cost of taking a knee? Or is this road less taken, an all too familiar route where they need no introduction?

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25th July 2018Comments are off for this post.

The Moonwalker

I reveled in the drama caused by Sterling Bank’s shady jab at other financial institutions. They shot for the moon and promptly issued an apology after landing. I and many other onlookers didn’t expect this as an aftermath to the trending post.

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8th June 2018Comments are off for this post.

Want World Cup Jerseys? We’ve got you covered.

We found a way for everyone to own a piece of the 2018 World Cup jerseys, not just the #naija jersey but all 5 of the African countries participating at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The jerseys are available for download and can be worn as social media covers, mobile and desktop wallpapers.

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6th June 2018Comments are off for this post.

In Time, Drones Have Come to Stay.

While we have been carried away by sci-fi, especially films, drones have been creeping up on us. They are no longer the future, they are now. To put that comment in perspective, last year at the GTBank Fashion Weekend , I saw drones flying all about the venue, creeping up behind people like little monsters.

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11th February 2018Comments are off for this post.

#onewildseries; One Wild Ride

If you’ve ever watched this classic animation, Heavy Metal, then you’ll likely feel a bit of a shiver when you learn that a car is cruising in space right now. That picture of Starman in the Roadster with the earth silhouetted behind him is an exciting pictorial representation of what 2018 should be; shoot ad astra, to the stars.

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28th November 2017Comments are off for this post.

Oh Yes, We Are

We’re starting the #OneWildWoman series; spotlighting creative women around the world who have shattered all levels of normal and ordinary in their fields. We hope this will in a way, bring to recognition these women and their works while inspiring those coming behind.

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