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2020 In Social Media Town

The phrase; "New Year, New Me" isn't a human only thing. Apparently platforms on social media also exist by this mantra to an extent. In 2019, a number of policies that focused on making social media user-friendly and safe for all ages were initiated, in 2020, they're in full bloom. Let's start with Twitter.

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1st April 2019Comments are off for this post.

The Platinum Resume

Thursday morning came with film making gadgets. We were going for the full haul, no half-assed measures. One of our designers, Oyindamola, led the production of the short film and it went great. Or so we thought. Turned out the sound was total shit. It was 2pm and were in various stages of  wtf. Oyindamola had developed a cold.

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Balotelli’s Goal Celebration: Class Is In Session

The more unplanned it seems, the better planning and execution done. Take the case of Michael Johnson’s gold running shoes by Nike in 1992. The attention the shoes got was worth millions in advert cost and all it took was a a man confident in his preparedness to win the race, a brand taking a gamble on that confidence and a product that drew attention to the brand. 

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5th December 2017Comments are off for this post.

#onewildwoman; Helen Landsdowne Resor

I imagine she must have been regarded (at first) at work with as much affection as you have for a stack of bills. But looking at her profile today, she did a hell of a great job getting her self out there. So great in fact that AdAge has her as #14 on the list of 100 advertising people of the 20th century.

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25th November 2017Comments are off for this post.

Google; The World Is A Lonely Place

It’s general knowledge that Google has been keeping tabs on all inputs, resulting in a universe of database from which we all pull needed information. But it recently went a step further to create a search map showing the density of peculiar searches from each part of the world. The focus is on “how to” searches and from the data gathered by Google, they have increased by 140% since 2014.

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Independence to us at OneWildcard is shoving out that person(s) driving your life and grabbing that wheel. This is what we believe our nationalist heroes and heroines did. And this is the insight behind Inde-Bants.

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DE-Signs of New Yorker

With the covers of the latest issues, it appears the magazine has upped its ante in delving into the blatantly controversial. Whether it’s good or bad on the conceptual scales that relate to society is not my focus here; what I see is that these covers have got conversation blazing away. And this is a feat that only the best, and worst, designs accomplish.

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16th August 2017Comments are off for this post.

The Fela Paper Review #OneWildThought

I got to the office bleary-eyed and in a foul mood. Is it just me or the time when you feel like hitting people is when people around you are overly cheerful? Like my colleagues, one was laughing so cheerfully I had to grit my teeth to have some control.

As I stepped in, I saw Yinka and Moriam bouncing about in tandem to Fela’s ‘I no be Gentleman’.

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30th July 2017Comments are off for this post.

To Them Who Stood By You

The day she was kidnapped, I almost ran mad. I searched and called for her all around the neighborhood, my ten years old mind almost snapping with the pain I felt. The day after when I picked the broom to sweep our compound, I was reminded of how she would have bounded up to me, grinning widely and getting in between my legs while I bent down to sweep. I broke down and wept hard.

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