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Counting The Cost of Nike’s Bended Knee

Now, considering the amount of time and resources that Nike has invested into building a gilt-edged brand over the course of its existence and the high perch it commands on the roll call of admirable American brands, did it really count the cost of taking a knee? Or is this road less taken, an all too familiar route where they need no introduction?

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#onewildseries; One Wild Ride

If you’ve ever watched this classic animation, Heavy Metal, then you’ll likely feel a bit of a shiver when you learn that a car is cruising in space right now. That picture of Starman in the Roadster with the earth silhouetted behind him is an exciting pictorial representation of what 2018 should be; shoot ad astra, to the stars.

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On F1 Logo Redesign

Liberty has taken a bold step that hopefully, will result in a generally positive outlook of the sports in the next seasons. This is no surprise. Since Liberty bought the commercial rights of the company (from Bernie Ecclestone for a whooping 6billion dollars), it has been making some, albeit minor, changes.

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On Samsung’s New Ad

Although Samsung has got quite adept at balancing the tricky stick between humour and targeted ‘shades’ quite well, it has unwittingly made it glaring that Apple is a big log in its eye. This is the flip-side of comparative advertising; you are in a way admitting your competitor gives you a hell of a migraine.

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Perfvcktion: Something is always missing.

As I have painfully discovered on many occasions, perfection is a mirage. It’s that puddle of water you see in the distance when driving on a tarred express road on an oven-hot afternoon. Yes, you (almost) see it in your mind but it keeps eluding your grasp. The closest we get to it is creating an illusion that it’s there. There are just too many dynamics that bar the existence of perfection.

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We are unfair*

We are the warriors you want on your side, the ones who go on fighting when others fall back. Not because we have extra life in stock, but because we know we will win. Give us a chance, give us the crumbs of what’s left of it if it has been taken, and if there are no crumbs, no chances, we’ll create them. We take what we want when we want it, not by crook but by our dogged effort. Apologies aren’t given.

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